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What is a cable drag chain?

Cable Drag Chains Are Sometimes Referred To As Cable Chains, Cable Carriers, Energy Chains Or Cable Track. Their Role Is To Support And Protect Moving Cables. They Can Be Manufactured From Plastic Or Steel And Can Be Used In An Extremely

Wide Range Of Applications.
Atc Chains India Manufactuuring Plastic Cable Drag Chain in Heavy Duty Rainforce Material , In Black Color, Our Range Size Is Starting Series For Cable Drag Chain From 8x8 To 45 X150

In most cases cable drag chains are used in linear applications . the chain moves back and forth between two points in a line. However cable chains can also be used in circular or rotary applications. Here a cable chain can be used in an application where the cables connect two points turning relative to one another.

Cable drag chains can be used in a variety of applications, wherever there are moving cables or hoses. there are so many applications include; machine tools, process and automation machinery, vehicle transporters, vehicle washing systems and cranes. Cable drag chains come in an extremely large variety of sizes.

cable drag chain


  • Subsequent laying of cables or changing the assignment: The chain must be opened from the inside and outside curve. Pre-assembled cables can then be inserted easily.
  • High stability: Due to multiple and large stops. Large connecting bolts ensure better force absorbing capacity
  • Easy handling: Only a screwdriver is needed to open the cable carrier
  • Quick adjustment of the chain lengths: A simple length modification is also possible at any time in the installed condition
  • Fastening secured using metal inserts: The cold flow characteristics are prevented in this way
  • Strain relief in the chain connector: The strain relief is integrated in the chain connector. The cables are fixed using cable binders
  • Fastening variant using rotating chain connector: Many variants are made possible using this option.
  • Dividers: Guarantee optimum cable routing.
  • Can be recycled: The plastic of the chain is completely recyclable.
cable carrier chain
  • 8mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 18mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 35mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 10mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 25mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 45mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 15mm Cable Drag Chain Series
  • 30mm Cable Drag Chain Series
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