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These Straight Line Belts are suitable for conveying applications of fruit and vegetable, processing meat, fish and seafood processing, bakery and snack food, packed juices and beverages, bucket elevators for rice, pulses and granular products as well as for various dip tank applications. Our product range includes: steel conveyor belt, cleated conveyor belt, plastic conveyor belt, pvc conveyor belt, stainless steel conveyor belt etc..

Working Load Max35000 N/m (21 DegreeC)
Working Load Max LB2397 lb/ft (21DegreeC)
Temperature Range Continuous Dry+5 to + 104 DegreeC
Temperature Range Continuous Wet+5 to + 104 DegreeC
Backflex Radius mm100
Belt MaterialPP
Belt Weight10.81 Kg/m2
Belt Pitch57.15mm
Open Area22 Percent
Assembling MethodConnected With Rods
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